The Carnival of Smarter Investing #9

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carnival.jpgWelcome to the Ninth Edition of The Carnival of Smarter Investing! Each week we’ll post featured articles by investors and writers in the areas of business and real estate, with the best article of the week being featured on the front page of, for thousands to see! So get those creative juices flowing and send in your submissions. A new Carnival will be posted every week. To submit your article for next week’s edition, you can do so here.

Jay M presents Business Plan Basics II posted at 4 entrepreneur, saying, "How to write a winning business plan"


Value Seeker presents Common Mutual Fund Investing Mistakes posted at Stock Investing, saying, "Many investors make the same mistakes when investing in mutual funds, such as paying loads and other high expense fees."

Brandon Henak presents Slick Investments Geared Towards You!! posted at Newly Corporate, saying, "Fun investment ideas for Generation Y."

Joseph presents Best Way To Invest - Hourly Updated News On Best Way To Invest posted at Your Investing Guide, saying, "Tax incentives for real estate investors can often make the difference in your tax rates. Deductions for rental property can often be used to offset wage income. Tax breaks can often enable investors to turn a loss into a profit."

Pivotal Investor presents What makes inflation tough to stop? Fear and greed posted at Pivotal Investing, saying, "The latest U.S. economic data shows we may get a painful refresher course on why the “i-word” is a big deal – and soon."

Jose DeJesus MD presents Avoid These Mutual Funds - Be Like Goldilocks posted at Physician Entrepreneur, saying, "Improve the performance of your investments with this Goldilocks approach: These Funds are TOO LARGE;These Funds are TOO SMALL; These Funds are JUST RIGHT..."

Leon Gettler presents Cliche crunch posted at Sox First, saying, "Supbrime, credit crunch, secutirization…the use of clichés to describe the market is all designed to stop investors from thinking."

Dividends4Life presents Dividends4Life: You're Fired! posted at Dividends4Life, saying, "What happens when an investment no longer meets your expectations?"

Blaine presents Frugality, America's worst nightmare posted at, saying, "Frugality is corporate America's worst nightmare. With so many corporations relying on you to compulsively spend money, it's no wonder they're rich and we're not."

Pivotal Investor presents Top 10 Growth Stocks For Under $10 posted at Pivotal Investing, saying, "Ten small-cap growth stocks of companies that have established themselves in a clearly defined niche."


Roberta Murphy presents Luxury Builder Claims 2007 is Worst in 40 Years posted at Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Diego Luxury Real Estate

Edith presents Sam Zell says Subprime Crisis Manageable posted at Stewart Hsu.

Ted Reimers presents Buying a Home near a College is a good investment posted at CampusGrotto, saying, "There will always be demand for housing near a College campus. Its not like the College is going anywhere."

That's it for this week's Carnival. If you’ve got something to say regarding real estate investing, general investing, business, entrepreneurship or small business management, get it written up and submit it today! We’re always looking for more article submissions. And remember, the best article of the week will be featured on the front page of, with a link to your site. So get writing!! Thanks for reading, and see you here next week!!

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Thank you for posting my article "You're Fired!". I am glad that I stumbled across last week's Carnival. I look forward to reading the many interesting articles above.

Best Wishes,

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