The Carnival of Smarter Investing #16

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carnival.jpgWelcome to the Sixteenth Edition of The Carnival of Smarter Investing! We're back with our best edition of CoSI yet, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this supersized gathering of featured articles by investors and writers in the areas of business and real estate. And, as always, to submit your article for the next edition, you can do so here.

teenvestor presents Portfolio again posted at Value Investing, and a Few Cigar Butts. presents A Good Leader Knows When To Change Course posted at Teamwork.

Shane Wilson presents Small Actions = Big Changes posted at Michael Shane Wilson.

Joshua Seth presents The Secret to Time Management posted at Joshua Seth Blog.

KCLau presents How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "A review of the book "Finding the Next Starbucks by Michael Moe.""

Steve Alexander presents 5 Tips For Choosing Small Cap Value Stocks posted at MagicDiligence - Optimizing Joel Greenblatts Value Stock Strategy.

Amy S Quinn presents Top 25 Most Influential People in Forex posted at Currency

NLHE Player presents NLHE Cash Game Basics posted at No Limit Holdem Advice, saying, "Author presents some basic tips to play no-limit hold'em in a ring game setting."

Sally Thompson presents Recession Proof Your Portfolio: 50 Best Blogs for Free Investment Advice posted at Currency

KCLau presents Insurance Planning Guide for Malaysians [Review] posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "A review of Insurance planning guide for Malaysians. This book was written to make you more aware of life insurance protection. Hopefully it will prevent you from suffering and regretting over buying insurance for the wrong reasons." presents Burned By Bad Coaching? posted at CMOE- Coaching. presents Pull Your Team’s Wagon posted at Teamwork.

Heather Johnson presents 5 Ways to Prepare For a Recession posted at eFIPO.

Zack Oliva presents College Finance 101 | We Feel Ya! posted at College Finance 101, saying, "The ONLY stop that college students need to make for financial advice, textbook deals, and credit counseling!"

Mag Herrera presents What I like about Credit Cards posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, "A balanced review of credit cards' nature and usage."

nickel presents The Best Online Discount Brokers (Updated) posted at

Adrian Savage presents How to Cope with More of Those Pesky Distractions - Stepcase Lifehack posted at

Jose DeJesus MD presents Business Startup - Testing Your Idea and Yourself posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Neelakantha presents Top 50 Useful Financial Apps for Your iPhone or Blackberry posted at Currency

KCLau presents How inflation affects your life? posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "an article on how inflation can affect your life."

Neelakantha presents 10 Beautiful Private Islands for Sale (That You Could Actually Afford) posted at International Listings Blog.


Kian Middleton presents 7 Easy Steps to Build Your List For Free posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.

David Cassell presents Degrees For High Paying Entry Level Positions posted at

Brian Terry presents What are the top 17 sources of affiliate traffic? posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

D. Singh presents MySpace Moving Into New Internet Marketing Arena posted at Internet Marketing Blog, saying, "MySpace, still the highest trafficked Social Networking site with 110 million active users a month."

Robert Phillips presents What the Heck is Radio Marketing? posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

Brian Terry presents How to Create High Profit Margin Products posted at Big Selling Website Design.

James Lee presents The Seduction Game… of Marketing posted at Online Business Freedom.

Abdulrasool Sumar presents 401k Plans for a Small Business Owner posted at 401k, saying, "Contributing to a 401k plan has become ever more easier for small business owners as a result of new legislation brought about by the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA). The EGTRRA has made 401k plans more flexible, easy and beneficial for a small business owner. First, a small business 401k is also known by its other names; Individual(K), Solo 401k, or Self Employed 401(k). Another common misrepresentation of small business 401k plans is that only sole proprietors can open them. This is incorrect; infact partnerships & corporations can also opt for a small business 401k provided they are owned by eligible plan participants."

Sam Carrara presents The Secret To Blogging Success posted at Sam Carrara's Marketing Education.

Ian Richardson presents How To Choose Your Specific Niche for a Successful Internet Business posted at Make Everything EzyAs123, saying, "An article on how to choose a specific niche for a successful internet business"

James Lee presents The Journey of Entrepreneurship Event at USC posted at Online Business Freedom.

TerryT2 presents Negotiation Tactics and Tricks posted at Actual Real Estate Profits, saying, "Post describes negotiating tricks and tactics as well as counters."

Ian Bert Tusil presents The Sticker Printing Process And Working Out The Turnaround Time posted at Expert's Advices.

Andy Fletcher presents New Age Railroading posted at Andy Fletcher's Custom Trains Blog, saying, "Feel the pulse of American railroading. See how freight moves on today's railroad."

Hanna Kassis presents Budget Series: Be in control at all times. posted at College Finance 101.

Taylor Coburn presents What To Do When You Are Stuck posted at Internet Business at ProcessToProfits.

Michel Fortin presents Apply The Law of Contrast to Build Desire posted at The Michel Fortin Blog.

Finance Tips 101 presents Scholarship And Grant Information For Interested High School Graduates posted at Finance Tips 101.

Dr. Joe Capista presents How to Find the Best Mentor for Your Needs posted at The Success Triangle, saying, "When someone is just setting out on a business venture, it is imperative that they find a mentor. A mentor can escalate your business, boost your self-development and improve your business know-how. To be truly effective you should look for mentors with various types of expertise so that you can learn from all of them and use the knowledge to make yourself a better person and run a more successful business."


Alvaro Fernandez presents Report: The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008 posted at SharpBrains, saying, "An introduction to the growing Brain Fitness Software Market"

Rena Williams presents The Vehicle To A Successful Retirement posted at Your Success Corner.

Dave presents Google Checkout and PayPal Limit Entrepreneurial Opportunities posted at Cheapo Groovo.

Steve Faber presents - Lessons About Investing – Beginning Investing Mistakes to Avoid posted at DebtBlog.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Physician News Featured Articles for Week Ending 6/13/08 posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Jose DeJesus MD presents How to Stay Focussed on the Big Picture posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

The Shark Investor presents Buying a Franchise - Do It The Right Way posted at The Shark Investor, saying, "Investing in franchise business - how to do it right"


KCLau presents Financial Security: How you feel it? posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "Article on acquiring financial security and how to increase or protect finances."

Personal Finance Claims presents OFT Launching New Website To Help Credit Card Users posted at Personal Finance Claims.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Business Loans - How to Get Funding for Your Business posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Investing Angel presents Studying The Stock Market Trends During Recession » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips.

presents Brighter Sides & Greener Grass posted at

Value Seeker presents Stock Investment Resource: Stock Market Investing Tips - Is Small Cap Value The Key For 2008? posted at Stock Investing, saying, "Small cap value stocks performed poorly in 2007. Will 2008 see a resurgence of small cap value?"

Eric presents Growing Money posted at Make Money Blog, saying, "Tips on making money, avoiding scams, growing money, and overcoming poverty."

Finance Tips 101 presents The Pros And Cons Of Personal Loans posted at Finance Tips 101.

Davexplorer presents The Guru of Investors - Warren Buffett posted at Millionaires Ladder, saying, "Thank you for hosting the carnival, and if your interested in working on a project together feel free to let me now. Cheers, David"

The Fund investor presents Why Invest In Mutual Funds? posted at Mutual Fund Investing Tips, saying, "Many people invest in mutual funds without really understanding the benefits of this type of investment vehicle."

Value Seeker presents Stock Investment Resource: Stock Market Investing Tips - Growth vs. Value Investing posted at Stock Investing, saying, "The pros and cons of investing in growth vs value stocks."

Reba Haas presents Underwrite to Approve, Document to Defend posted at Team Reba Real Estate.

Reba Haas presents How to survive a Bear (market) Attack! posted at Team Reba Real Estate, saying, "Eric Aasness, a major loan originator in the US, has some words of wisdom on surviving as a borrower in the current lending market."

Investing Angel presents Why I'm Shorting Microsoft (MSFT) posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Author believe Microsoft has nowhere to go but down."

The Stock Teacher presents Avoid Making This Key Investment Mistake posted at Stock Investment, saying, "Many people make bad investment decisions because they let their emotions take control of them."

Joshua Seth presents What To Do With Your Tax Rebate Check posted at Joshua Seth Blog.

MoneyNing presents How I Started Buying My First Stock posted at Money Ning, saying, "How I started investing!"

Jose DeJesus MD presents Check Your Credit Score posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Ben Moreno presents 4 Simple Steps to Starting On the Path to Becoming Wealthy. | Revenue Reservoir posted at Revenue Reservoir.

Raymond presents How To Chase High Interest Rates On Savings Accounts and Manage Them posted at Money Blue Book.

General Investing

mmhabits presents My Biggest Financial Mistake posted at Millionaire Money Habits, saying, "As evident of the below, I broke some of my own money rules, and did an incredibly stupid thing at the end of 2007."

Charles H. Green presents Great Moments in Self-Regulation: Financial Planners and CFP Board posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Financial planners claim to self regulate. But when they won't even tell you what they've done about a member who was convicted in court, can you trust that self-regulation?"

Eduardo guico presents How I become financially stable: Practical way to select a good company posted at How I become financially stable.

Frank Vertin presents Buy an S&P 500 Index Fund with Low Costs posted at NO LOAD INDEX FUND.

Barb A. Ryan presents Your Family Financial Planning posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.

Richard M. Rothschild presents The Best Mutual Funds Have NO Sales Loads and NO 12b-1 Fees posted at Best No Load Funds.

Venkatakrishna Nalamothu presents 16 Stock picks for Long term Investors posted at Stock Market Guide, saying, "16 best Indian Stocks for long term investors to get good profits."

A.J. Brown presents Why You Should Be a Lazy Trader posted at A.J. Brown's Options Trading Blog, saying, "One of the biggest mistakes I see over and over again is trading too frequently. This post examines why."

Felix Ekpa presents COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY IN 2008. posted at No Limits!.

Phillip Lyon presents Should You Short Stocks? posted at Intelligent Speculator, saying, "If you are an experienced investor shorting stocks should be part of your investment strategy. Shorting allows you to profit when a stock goes down in price. In a declining market, such as the current one, it is a lot easier to make money shorting stocks than buying stocks."

Dorian Wales presents How to Make Saving More Rewarding and Tangible: 5 Practical Tips posted at Personal Financier.

Brice Hogan presents Where to Find Good Stocks | posted at, saying, "The process of finding a good stock that can make you money."

Joe Manausa presents Florida College Enrollment - Does ?Prepaid? Matter? posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "admissions with Florida’s public universities. Apparently, having a 4.0 GPA is not enough. Bear in mind, I was accepted to West Point in the mid-1980’s with a GPA in the low 3.’s, so I’m wondering why our state is so broken it cannot create opportunity for kids who have obviously demonstrated that they want to learn at a higher level."

Skyler Reep presents An Investment Account posted at Skyler Reep's Blog, saying, "We've already discussed setting up an automatic savings plan. You've got a portion of your paycheck going straight to your savings account, and you don't even notice the decrease anymore do you? A smart saver is probably only getting about 3% return on investment, though; so isn't there a better place to be putting that money? You might be able to do better by investing. Since 1928, the stock market has yielded over 9% return."

Charles H. Green presents 30 Minutes, 30 Cents, 30 Billion: Fragmenting Business posted at Trust Matters, saying, "Be careful of investing in industries which whose business model is such that no one is taking care of the big picture, they have a tendency to fall apart."

Phil B. presents No Long-Term Planning is Stupid posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "In my humble opinion, far too many people are choosing short-term satisfaction over long-term planning."

Barb A. Ryan presents Asset Allocation, Investment Asset Tax Location, and Emergency Cash Management posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.

Roman presents Never spend all your money at once posted at Psychology of money.

Brice Hogan presents 2 Rules That Will Make You Wealthy posted at, saying, "Learning how to create wealth comes down to 2 simple rules."

Leon Gettler presents Missing analysts posted at Sox First, saying, "Investors beware!! The credit crunch and weakening economy are showing up how bad analysts are. In the fourth quarter, almost 1800 equity analysts overestimated final results by 33.5 percentage points, the biggest miss ever!"

Investing Angel presents Why I Sold My Apple Shares Today » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Apple is a great brand and a great company, but I still sold my shares of the company recently."

KCLau presents Everything you are looking for about Bursa Malaysia posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "A list of sources for you to learn about stocks and shares."

FIRE Getters presents Vanguard's Managed Payout Mutual Funds - A Primer posted at FIRE Finance.

Walter W. Fouse presents Avoid Large Actively Managed Mutual Funds posted at Best No Load Funds.

Davexplorer presents Lakshmi Mittal posted at Millionaires Ladder, saying, "Thank you for hosting the carnival, and if your interested in working on a project together feel free to let me know. "

Raag Vamdatt presents Dividend Yield - A better alternative to FDs :: :: Financial Planning demystified posted at

Larry Russell presents The Financial Services Industry is Still the Largest S&P 500 Sector - Even after the Collapse of its Stock Values posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog.

Leon Gettler presents Does gold stack up? posted at Sox First, saying, "No substance has held as much allure over the centuries as gold. And that allure still seems to hold with gold prices going up to as much as $1000 an ounce in March. But gold does not stack up in investment portfolios."

Wenchypoo presents This Just In: Seen on CNBC--Commodities Researcher Says It Only Gets Worse From Here posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

mmhabits presents Investing in a Recession posted at Millionaire Money Habits, saying, "Regardless if the U.S. is entering (or already has) a recession, there’s no question we’re facing some tough economic times. Here's a plan on what to do with your money."

Dorian Wales presents Do you understand investment risk? posted at Personal Financier, saying, "Talk of investment risk is abundant but what is investment risk really?"

Bullish Dividends presents Maximize Returns By Minimizing Expenses posted at Traders Corner, saying, "This article goes over ways that you can save money by minimizing your trading fees."

Everything Finance presents Long Term Investing posted at Everything Finance.

KCLau presents Don’t be stupid! Keep paying. posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "Why u shud pay premium for life insurance policy as long as it is one of the best form of saving you should have."

Everything Finance presents How to prevent a financial blunder posted at Invest In India.

Sajal presents Apple analysts: Reading too much into daily stock market gyrations? posted at Fundamental insights and ideas (by Sajal).

Mandy Trapper presents Low Cost Options Are Available For The Forex Beginner posted at Forex Trading System Secrets.

Barb A. Ryan presents 10 - Independent Investment Counselors and Financial Advisors posted at Pasadena Financial Planner.

Leon Gettler presents AIG shame file posted at Sox First, saying, "AIG, in combination with the soaring oil price, managed to drag down the US market after it posted a first quarter loss of $7.8 billion on the back of the mortgage-related downturn. Here’s a warning for investors: stay away."

Investing Angel presents Why Most Investors Buy High And Sell Low » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Most investors buy stocks when they are overvalued since they give into herd mentality."

A.J. Brown presents Is Trading Stock Options a Lone Wolf Activity? posted at A.J. Brown's Options Trading Blog, saying, "Is trading stock options an individual or group activity? This article examines the answer to this question."

Everything Finance presents Find the right Fund Manager posted at Invest In India.

Everything Finance presents Who makes the Tough Money Decisions ? posted at Everything Finance.

Leon Gettler presents Investor crystal ball gazing posted at Sox First, saying, "With the credit squeeze and soaring energy prices, it's worth asking whether investors can see that far ahead. How do investors read trends and make the right calls?"

Chris presents 9 Surefire Strategies NOT to Retire Early posted at nomad4ever.

Larry Russell presents The Top 25 Low Cost Best US Money Market Funds posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog.

Everything Finance presents Ways to Save money !! posted at Everything Finance.

k presents Investing in oil « My thoughts on how to profit from financial markets posted at My thoughts on how to profit from financial markets.

Leon Gettler presents Banks want to change accounting rules posted at Sox First, saying, "Here is a warning for bank investors. Banks and securities firms are hiding $35 billion of writedowns. Instead of putting this stuff on their income statements, where it will hit the bottom line, they are leaving it on their balance sheets"

Value Seeker presents Are Mutual Funds For You? posted at Stock Investing, saying, "Figure out if mutual funds are the right thing for you to invest in."

Joe Manausa presents How To Analyze Real Estate - The Real Estate Stack posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "the Real Estate Stack. This is the most basic of measurement models which allows an investor to take an investment and convert it to a mathematical model so that it can be compared with all other investment opportunities."

Dave presents Sector Analysis using ETFs posted at Poor Brother Tom.

Everything Finance presents Five Online Resources for Forex Beginners posted at Everything Finance.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Derivatives and Your Mutual Funds posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Ben Moreno presents There Is a Fund That Tracks IPO's?! posted at Revenue Reservoir, saying, "An article about a fund I came across that I think is very unique and intersting."

k presents How to profit from financial markets - Introduction posted at How to profit from financial markets, saying, "How to profit from financial markets (Commodities, Stocks, Forex, etc) Invest your time reading this, before investing your money. Financial Education starts here"

Curtis W. presents Don't just watch your watchlist posted at Poor Brother Tom.

Raymond presents Do Credit Cards and Stocks Make Up Your Emergency Fund Savings? posted at Money Blue Book.

Investing Angel presents The 2008 Election And The Stock Market » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Your investment decisions right now may largely depend on who you think will win the 2008 election."

Raag Vamdatt presents Matthews India Fund MINDX: A good proxy to invest in India :: :: Financial Planning demystified posted at

Jose DeJesus MD presents Drawing on Your Retirement Funds posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

texasdave presents Forex Trading Robot posted at Make Cash Online, saying, "The FOREX market can be a very dangerous to your hard earned savings if you don’t know what you are doing. Just ask the 95% percent of the people who lose money trading the FOREX market. There is a huge learning curve and it can take several years and thousands of dollars in losses (unless you are only trading a demo account) before a trader may start to see a profit."

General Real Estate

Joe Manausa presents The Creative Cure For Selling Your Home posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Often times, we hear real estate professionals and investors speak about "creative financing" as a method to purchase real estate. In today's tough real estate market, home owners can use "creative financing" to make their properties stand-out amongst the competition. Creative financing can increase the buyer pool for a home and get it sold when other marketing methods fail."

Joe Manausa presents Home Construction Video - Watch A Home Being Built posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Knowing what to expect when building a home is not something that you learn in college or business school. This video shows a 5,000 square foot home being built from the lot-up, and is set to some cool music."

Dorian Wales presents The Personal Financier: How to Make Sure this is your Dream Home: 7 Practical Tips posted at Personal Financier.

Dax Desai presents Buying a Foreclosure Property posted at Dax Desai, saying, "My Foreclosure Buying Experience as well as a FAQ: The Guide to a Successful Foreclosure Offer"

Robert Phillips presents Negotiation Tactics for Dealing with Home Sellers posted at REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

Joe Manausa presents Tallahassee Real Estate - Market Analysis posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Updated charts, graphs and analysis of the Tallahassee real estate market. Do you want to know what is happening with Tallahassee housing, then drop in to this continually updated blog centralized on Tallahassee homes."

Joe Manausa presents How And Why To Consider A Purchase Money Mortgage posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "A simple example of how and why a home owner might want to consider a purchase money mortgage (seller financing) for some or all of the buyer's downpayment."

Joshua Dorkin presents Real Estate Investment Vision: Economic Conversion posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

Joe Manausa presents Creative Home Selling - Taking A Lesson From Wall Street posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "In today’s tough real estate market, where Sellers seem to far outnumber Buyers, it is important to have a complete “bag of tools” when you desire to sell a home in Florida. Creative Financing - A Required Skill For Realtors"

Terry presents How You Make Money With Investment Real Estate posted at Actual Real Estate Profits, saying, "Post describes the four ways you actually make money with investment real estate and how to maximize these "pots" of money."

Joe Manausa presents Selling Your Home - Single Most Import Fact You Must Know posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "If you are thinking about selling your Tallahassee home, I would encourage you to understand how your home value is determined in the Tallahassee real estate market. It is not enough to worry about advertising and marketing coverage, as your valuation is the most important issue for you before you enter the market."

Neelakantha presents 101 Tips & Resources for the Upside-Down Homeowner posted at International Listings Blog.

TerryT2 presents Second Real Estate Financial Model - First Development posted at Actual Real Estate Profits, saying, "This post describes a financial model used to determine whether to continue with a real estate investment or not."

Joe Manausa presents The Real Estate Market - When Will We See The Turn? posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "It seems that many people have an opinion on real estate, and many have speculated that the worst is behind us. While I’m excited to think that some of the stories in the media could actually turn positive soon, I feel that some simple concepts can reveal where we truly are in this current real estate market cycle."

Mark Runta presents The Housing Myth - Busted! posted at Smart Investing & Money Management, saying, "Lessons learned about treating housing as an investment or asset."

Trevor McKay presents What Kind of Mortgages are Available? posted at All About Mortgage Calculators. presents “Demystifying” The Subprime Mortgage Crisis And Other Questions; An Interview With Dan Crittenden | My Investing Blog posted at My Investing Blog, saying, "Thought this one might fit in the real estate category. :0 Thanks, hank!"

Joe Manausa presents Open Houses - Did You Know? posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "One technique that real estate professionals use to meet more buyers is to hold an “Open House” on a home for sale. Statistically, there is less than a 1% chance of selling that home due to the Open house, so you might wonder why do it at all."

MoneyNing presents Right Time to Buy a House? posted at Money Ning, saying, "Is it the right time to buy a house?"

Joe Manausa presents Short Sale Advice posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Some Short Sale Advice If you own a home that is highly leveraged (read that to mean that you borrowed as much money on it as you could sometime in the past three years) and you need to move for one reason or another, you need to know that you basically have four options right now:"

Ned Carey presents What is a Tax Sale? posted at Baltimore Real Estate Investing Blog, saying, "Thanks for considering my blog!"

Joe Manausa presents Frustrated Homeowners posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "there are no “painless” solutions to the housing problems until inventories return to a more balanced level. So what should my frustrated homeowner do?"

Joshua Dorkin presents You Know That You’re a Real Estate Investor When . . . posted at Real Estate Investing For Real.

Dorian Wales presents Why A Mortgage Is An Opportunity And Why We Shouldn’t Fear Mortgages posted at The Personal Financier, saying, "If I was a potential home buyer I’d start browsing for opportunities"

Joe Manausa presents Real Estate Inventories Falling? posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "If you follow the real estate market, than you have been seeing the general trend of rising inventories. This is not good. We cannot begin to talk about the market turning until we first see a turn in the flow of inventory."


Joe Manausa presents The "No Brainer" Investment posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "It is estimated that the average cost to a parent (not the total average cost) to send a child to college is roughly $20,000 per year. Many kids are working and earning money and I suspect that is why this average cost to the parents is not higher. The worst part is (according to an accountant friend of mine), this expense is not even tax deductible! How about an investment strategy that might help the average parent in this situation?"

Reba Haas presents 20+ questions for hiring a rental property management firm posted at Team Reba Real Estate, saying, "Many first time rental owners get tired of managing property at some point after the 3am call for a broken toilet. But, how do you go about hiring a property management firm? This post helps provide 20+ questions that can help you get started."


That's it for this edition of CoSI. Thanks again for the great above submissions, and a huge and ever present thanks to our rapidly expanding base of loyal readers. And remember, if you’ve got something to say regarding real estate investing, general investing, business, entrepreneurship or small business management, get it written up and submit it today! We’re always looking for more article submissions. So get writing!! Thanks for reading, and see you back here soon!!

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Great article, I like very much.
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Blogs like this are great because they teach you how to be more financially responsible and more solvent with your money.


COSI is really amazing. That's a great read for newbie investors.

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