The Carnival of Smarter Investing #15

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carnival.jpgWelcome to the Fifteenth Edition of The Carnival of Smarter Investing! We're back with our fifteenth edition of CoSI, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this supersized gathering of featured articles by investors and writers in the areas of business and real estate. And, as always, to submit your article for next week’s edition, you can do so here.

John Crenshaw presents Paying Off Your Mortgage - Will It Save You Money? posted at Truthful Lending dot Com, saying, "There's been quite a bit of debate lately over whether or not you should pay off your mortgage or invest any extra money. This article explores the different mortgage payoff methods and will help you decide which, if any, are right for you."

Life. Money. Development. presents posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, "A neat collection of diet tips for keeping cholesterol in recommended levels."

Don D. Morrison presents Get an online introduction & crude history to electronic sounds? Actually They?re GREAT! posted at

vitalstarts presents Institutional Ownership posted at Vital Starts Investing, saying, "Stock market for beginners information. The vitals of stock investing at its most basic level. Learn how understanding institutional ownership can help you make educated investments."

Mattg presents Do You Get Twitter? posted at Matt Garrett, saying, "Twitter is really a fast growing community site and providing a good environemnt to interacting with people of same thinking or business line. So, go and get a twitter, now." presents Pull Your Team’s Wagon posted at Teamwork.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Financial Planners - Choosing the Right One for Your Needs posted at Physician Entrepreneur.
Joshua C. Karlin presents Powerful Yet Reasonable Goals posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas. presents New “Heights” With Teamwork posted at Teamwork.


Andrew Erickson presents Merchant Processing 101 posted at WebSite Werx.

Warren Wong presents How To Expand Your Business Through Quality And Word Of Mouth posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Some reasons why quality is so important in business and how it helps you gain more customers."

Aaron Anderson presents Thanks James! posted at Online Business Blog.

Derrick Markotter presents Copywriting Blueprint Formula posted at Online Business Blog.

Cindy King presents Localization Is A Door To Innovation posted at Get International Clients.

Sam Carrara presents Microsoft is Buying Yahoo? posted at Sam Carrara's Marketing Education.

Andrew Erickson presents Merchant Processing 102 posted at WebSite Werx.

Chris Harris presents Offshore outsourcing statistics for services in 2007 posted at New venture outsourcing blog, saying, "A.T. Kearney compiled the Global Services Location Index (GSLI) for 2007. Perhaps surprisingly, most of the 50 countries in the index rated comparably well on financial attractiveness. What really set India and China apart from the rest of the pack was primarily their people and skills availability scores."

Brian Terry presents The #1 reason most people fail? posted at Big Selling Website Design.

James Lee presents How a Simple Military Strategy Can Bring You Big Online Profits posted at Online Business Freedom.

Terry Dean presents Create Business Systems posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Cindy King presents 7 Brainstorming Questions To Determine What To Sell Abroad posted at Get International Clients.

James Lee presents 3 Quick Reminders of What People REALLY Think of Your Site posted at Online Business Freedom.

Tim Gary presents Expectations and Measurable Results posted at Internet Success Bites.

James D. Brausch presents Visitor Values posted at Internet Business Blog.

Neelakantha presents 100 Tiny Tips to Create and Maintain Loyal Customers posted at Bootstrapper.

Cindy King presents How Information Products Sold In Foreign Markets Can Save Your Business When Your Economy Is Slow posted at Get International Clients.

Frederic Premji presents Self Help & Personal Development Blog » Ways To Be Great In Sales posted at

Helen Anderson presents 5 Reasons Why the Federal Reserve is a Failure! at Best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates, Money Market Rates, High Interest Accounts posted at Bankaholic.

Raymond presents 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

Woody Maxim presents The quickest way to more money is through testing posted at Woody Maxim.


Joe Hitchem presents Stamps - A Sticky Investment posted at Start Stamp Collecting, saying, "How to collect stamps as an investment!"

Carol Bentley presents Getting your thoughts on paper posted at Carol Bentley.

KCLau presents Top 5 Regular Monthly Expenses We Don’t Need posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "An article discussing some of the ways one can reduce unnecessary expenditure."

General Investing

Leon Gettler presents Subprime explained - crunch time glossary posted at Sox First, saying, "Credit crunch? Credit default swaps? Honeymoon loans? NINJA loans? Negative pledge? The subprime crisis is upon us and investors are confronted with jargon designed to baffle and keep them in the dark. Here is a glossary of key terms you'll need to know to keep ahead of the game."

Young Investor presents Basic Steps To Investing - Starting As Soon As Possible posted at Investment Realty, saying, "A fundamental concept that the majority of people get wrong ..."

Jose DeJesus MD presents Improve Investment and Financial Results - Simplify and Conquer posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

iPhone 2.0 presents Investors React to Impending 3G iPhone posted at iphoneupdate.

Aaron Anderson presents Server Change & Viruses posted at Online Business Blog.

A.J. Brown presents The Downside of Stock Picks & the Importance of Mastery posted at A.J. Brown's Options Trading Blog, saying, "This post explores the risk of using stock picking services and the importance of mastering the skill of trading."

Leon Gettler presents High finance, complexity and disaster posted at Sox First, saying, "Here is the paradox of markets: they are bigger, more liquid and more lucrative than ever but mistakes by a handful of companies send shock waves around the world. All created by complex financial innovation and new fangled forms of money like derivatives. Makes it a nightmare for investors."

The Investor presents Who’s your Star Wars money hero? posted at, saying, "Can Star Wars could teach us something about personal finance? Well, read on to discover what the classic trilogy’s major characters know about money?"

KCLau presents Top 39 Essential Rules of Investing posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "39 useful tips on how to make your money work hard for you. These are tips that would allow you to grow your wealth safely and soundly."

FIRE Getters presents Simple Strategies to Inflation Proof a Portfolio! posted at FIRE Finance.

Steve Faber presents - How to Become a Millionaire posted at DebtBlog.

Dorian Wales presents 10 Sure Ways to lose 50% of your investment posted at Personal Financier.

Jay M presents Ten Critical Steps to writing a Business Plan posted at 4 entrepreneur, saying, "Sound investment starts with understanding the business that you are investing in. Here is a list of ten critical steps to understanding or writing a solid business plan"

Maria Palma presents Warren Buffett: 3 Lessons From the World's #1 Billionaire posted at Fully Stocked.

Raag Vamdatt presents Start saving early and gain from Compounding - Early bird gets the worm :: :: Financial Planning demystified posted at - Financial Planning demystified.

Larry Russell presents 7 Ways to Pick the Best Noload Mutual Funds and ETFs posted at Best No Load Funds.

Barb A. Ryan presents Bond Mutual Fund Fees posted at Bond Market Index Funds.

A.J. Brown presents The Option Trader’s Toolbox posted at A.J. Brown's Options Trading Blog, saying, "To get started trading stock options, you must have a few tools at your disposal. Without these basic tools, you will not be well equipped to accomplish your task. In this article, I'll cover the five primary "tools" that must be in every option trader's toolbox."

Phil B. presents The Top 6 Reasons Why the Tax Rebate Won't Stimulate the Economy << Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "The reasons why the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 and tax rebates will not stimulate the American economy out of this recession."

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Gold Breaks $1000/Oz: Investing For A Recession posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, "Why did gold break $1000/oz and what does it mean for the future of our investments?"

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Investing In AeroGrow's Gourmet Herb Gardens posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, "AeroGrow's new product is finally sprouting! Time to invest in tomatoes!"

Charles H. Green presents Review of Rules to Break and Laws to Follow by Peppers and Rogers posted at Trust Matters, saying, "All earnings in a company aren't created equal, some are much better than others, and as a result the company's stock is a much better investment even with an identical balance sheet."

David Hunkar presents ADR Universe: Malaysian ADR Stocks !! posted at ADR Universe, saying, "There are a total of 10 Malaysian stocks trading in the US that are "Sponsored".All are listed in the OTC exchange. None of them are listed in the NYSE, Nasdaq or Amex exchanges. So these stocks may be subject to liquidity risk.This Malaysia ADR list will help investors analyze the various options available to invest in Malaysia."

Dobromir presents Procter & Gamble Dividend Analysis posted at Create Rising Passive Income From Dividend Paying Stocks.

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Investing in Lazard World Dividend & Income Fund? posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, "A look at an ETF that's yielding 25% in dividends."

Aussie Investor presents Stock Market Investing For Beginners: Beginner Stock Market Investing Using Return On Equity posted at Stock Market Investing For Beginners, saying, "Beginners to stock market investing need to understand the return on equity ratio. Consider it the companion to value investing ratios like price to earnings. But unlike P/E ratios, return on equity can be used to uncover stocks which have top quality businesses behind them."

General Real Estate

Shane Wilson presents Real Estate Investing: Taking Action posted at Michael Shane Wilson.

Wenchypoo presents This Just In: Feeling the Pain of Home Over-Improvement posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket, saying, "From CNN/Money. I never understood the fascination with putting a porous, high-maintenance surface in the kitchen and bath, of all places!"

Joe Manausa presents Rent Versus Ownership - A Tallahassee Real Estate Case Study posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Much of the news media is focusing on the sub prime debacle and are claiming that real estate is not a sound investment at this time. They do not understand the cyclical nature of the real estate market. This entry analyzes the results of owning a home for the past 17 years versus leasing one. The numbers used are "real world" and demonstrate the value of long-term home ownership."

Neelakantha presents Top 50 Web 2.0 Real Estate Sites posted at International Listings Blog.

Robert Phillips presents 5 Magic Questions Every Real Estate Investor Should Ask posted at REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

Joe Manausa presents Leon County Median Sales Price Drops (Barely!) posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Gloom, Doom, Despair. All we read about real estate is negative, but the fact is, the Tallahassee real estate market is as strong as it was prior to the boom markets. Our stable economy and growing student population makes the Tallahassee real estate market a great place for a long-term investment."

Joe Manausa presents Tallahassee Real Estate - Area Analysis posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "Expert analysis of the Northeast Tallahassee real estate market. Includes charts and graphs to demonstrate housing supply and demand, allowing Tallahassee Realtors and homeowners to predict the sale-ability of a Tallahassee home in the northeast quadrant of Leon County."

Tyler McKinna presents Lessons Learned In Real Estate posted at Dividend Money, saying, "A personal story of my lessons learned in Real Estate Investing"

Robert Phillips presents The Goddess of Good Luck Shines On People Who? posted at REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

That's it for this edition of CoSI. Thanks again for the great above submissions, and a huge and ever present thanks to our rapidly expanding base of loyal readers. And remember, if you’ve got something to say regarding real estate investing, general investing, business, entrepreneurship or small business management, get it written up and submit it today! We’re always looking for more article submissions. So get writing!! Thanks for reading, and see you back here soon!!

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