The Carnival of Smarter Investing #14

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carnival.jpgWelcome to the Fourteenth Edition of The Carnival of Smarter Investing! CoSI has been sporadic as of late, and we apologize, but there's good reason (we promise). The boozwatt staff is still diligently working away on the exciting new site feature rollout planned for Spring of 2008 here at But we're back at the moment, with our fourteenth edition of CoSI, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this supersized gathering of featured articles by investors and writers in the areas of business and real estate. And, as always, to submit your article for next week’s edition, you can do so here.

Ryan Healy presents Option Trading with Zero Risk posted at A.J. Brown's Options Trading Blog, saying, "Afraid to risk money trading options? Here's how to get real-world experience and eliminate that fear without ever risking a dime."


Brent Riggs presents G. Brent Riggs - Perseverance. Character. Self Sacrifice. - Self Improvement - Life Management posted at Brent Riggs.

John Crenshaw presents The Biggest Scam Your Bank Gets Away With Everyday posted at Truthful Lending dot Com, saying, "This little known scam accounts for a huge portion of fees paid to banks every year and is going on right under your nose. The worst part is, it's completely legal."


Jose DeJesus MD presents The Market Crash America Missed posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Aaron Anderson presents What A Tripod Can Teach You About Online Business… posted at Online Business Blog.

Tim Gary presents Are Your Customers Just Fresh Meat? posted at Internet Success Bites.

Steven Lohrenz presents 4 Reasons To Go Into A Make Money Online Biz posted at Steven Lohrenz.

upsidertrader presents upsidetrader: Cramer Should Pay Rogue Traders Legal Bills posted at Burning Questions - The FeedBurner Weblog.

Brian Terry presents The Law of Presentation posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Cindy King presents Consistency For International Business Success posted at Get International Clients.

Mark Riffey presents How small business owners can profit from the mistakes of a billion dollar global corporation posted at Business is Personal.


Brian Terry presents Why Bill Gates is unreasonable posted at Big Selling Website Design.

James Lee presents The Experts Take a Platform on the Subject of Article Marketing posted at Online Business Freedom.

Cindy King presents 5 Factors To Consider When Marketing To Different Cultures posted at Get International Clients.

Tim Gary presents What’s on your menu? Worms or Chocolate? posted at Internet Success Bites.

Robert Phillips presents Customer Support: Opportunity or Hassle? posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

Brent Riggs presents G. Brent Riggs - You End Up Wherever You Are Headed - Discipline - Life Management posted at Brent Riggs.

Sam Carrara presents Customer Service- Wendy's posted at Sam Carrara's Marketing Education.

Warren Wong presents Why You Should Be Careful When Your Business Is Going Well posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Some reasons to be cautious when your business has been doing really well."

Entrepreneurial presents How Much Should You Trade? posted at Forex Strategy Secrets, saying, "The Forex Market is growing faster and faster everyday, this post is just one of the tips that can help you invest better and take advantage of the market."

Rob Moshe presents Live Your Best Life By Serving Others posted at Rob Schaumer.

Mark Riffey presents A competitor went out of business. What do you do first? posted at Business is Personal.

Raymond presents Cheap and Affordable Ways To Create A Virtual Office For Your Small Home Business posted at Money Blue Book, saying, "Create a cheap and affordable virtual office"

Alexander Kohl presents ?Trust Me, I Know It Works? posted at Green to Profit - Becoming a Sustainable Entrepreneur, saying, "Entrepreneurs needs to find the right moment where they let go of control."


Sagar presents Must-See Investing TV: 20 Free Online TV Channels for Finance Junkies posted at Currency

Cousins Properties presents Which is better - Great Credit or Money Savvy? posted at Property Innovators, saying, "One easy way to use free money for investing..."

Sagar presents 10 Countries That Benefit from the Falling Dollar posted at Currency

Personal Finance Claims presents Stop Being Fleeced By Your Bank, File Your Claim Today posted at Personal Finance Claims.

Mr Credit Card presents College Student Credit Cards Primer posted at Ask Mr Credit Card, saying, "Video Tutorial and Introduction to students about credit cards for college students."

Raymond presents Zero Percent Balance Transfer Credit Cards With No Fees | Money Blue Book posted at Money Blue Book, saying, "Use balance transfer to help your startup cost"

KCLau presents Don’t spend the money you don’t have, to buy the thing you don’t need, to please the people you don’t like! posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "How one can avoid spending the money one does not have thereby reducing the incidences of overspending"

DotLobby presents How to Increase Credit Score While Lowering Debt posted at DotMakeMoney, saying, "By using this method, not only will you increase your credit score in larger and more frequent increments, but you will also reach your goals sooner than if you simply stuck with the traditional roll down method the entire way..."

General Investing

iPhone 2.0 presents Investors React to Impending 3G iPhone posted at iphoneupdate.

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Reliance Power: An Indian IPO posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, "Why India's largest IPO is reminds me of Enron."

the baglady presents What Would I Do in a Recession? posted at xynny.

Investing Angel presents Tips For Shorting Stocks posted at Stock Tips, saying, "In today's unstable market, many people are considering shorting stocks. This might be because they believe the market is going to get worse, so they want to bet against the market or they just wish to hedge their bets."

Robert Phillips presents How to Gain Instant Credibility for a DVD posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Leon Gettler presents Will the Fed avert a recession and other questions posted at Sox First, saying, "The Fed has stopped, at least for now, a global rout but fears of a recession are continuing to mount. How deep is the link between the market downturn and the real economy in the US, and the rest of the world?"

Warren Wong presents Why Compounding Returns Isn?t That Important posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Some reasons why compounding returns is less important than it seems."

Damon W. dietz presents Money Matters - Volume 1 posted at Absolute Media Productions.

Ray Chong presents The Secret To Becoming a Winning Trader posted at Trading Tips, Strategies and Insights.

Dax Desai presents Your Wallet’s Worst Nightmare posted at Dax Desai, saying, "Inflation - The Silent Killer"

Aaron Anderson presents Friday, Saturday, Someday: The Day That Never Comes posted at Online Business Blog.

Investing Angel presents Understanding Margin Trading posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Almost all stock brokers offer margin trading, which is essentially borrowing money from them to purchase more stocks. Investors do not understand margin trading or whether or not it is good for them. Deciding whether or not to borrow on margin is a business decision like any other."

Jeffery A. Smith presents Step 3: Learn where to Invest your Money posted at, saying, "Discussion on the different kinds of accounts: Tax-advantaged and taxalbe and makes suggestion as to the order in which the different types of accounts should be funded."

Jed Norwood presents Forex Trading Tips | Investment Without Emotion posted at Forex Strategy Secrets, saying, "There are certain emotions that must not be involved in your trading. If you are able to do keep them out, you will become much more successful."

The Investor presents How to harvest wheat and mine gold using ETCs posted at, saying, "By buying commodities you can therefore diversify your portfolio over the long-term so it’s less dependent on the returns from shares. You might also hope to trade commodities, if you think you can buy when they’re priced low and sell when they’re high."

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Why The Government Wants A Weaker Dollar posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, saying, "The Federal Reserve is going to weaken the dollar considerably, lower interest rates and flood the market with easy money. Make sure you know why and what to expect, since it will impact you investments."

Robert Phillips presents DVDs as a Lead Generator posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

vitalstarts presents Vital Starts Investing | stock market for beginners posted at Vital Starts Investing, saying, "This article is the bare bones basics about candlesticks and how to understand them as a beginner. The whole site is dedicated to helping people interested in the stock market for beginners."

Investing Angel presents How To Avoid A Stock Scam posted at Stock Tips, saying, "There are a lot of pundits out there that offer investing tips for a fee. While some of these investing services may be well worth the money, others are scams are certainly close to a scam."

Praveen presents The 62/70 Solution for Claiming Social Security Benefits posted at My Simple Trading System, saying, "Financial planners usually recommend working longer, and not collecting social security until 70 - but new research shows that a 62/70 split can benefit many married couples. The lower earning spouse starts collecting at 62, while the higher earning spouse starts collecting at 70."

Leon Gettler presents The brain: hard-wired for risky trades posted at Sox First, saying, "In the wake of the Societe Generale meltdown, maybe we are all rogue traders at heart. Studies show that our brains are actually hard-wired to give us the thrill of taking big risks and making money."

mmhabits presents What Loans Can I Get to Invest? posted at Building Millionaire Money Habits, saying, "Summary: Using other people’s money can create riches, but this is a strategy that should only be considered by the experienced, well financed investors. If you think you have a sure bet that can make you very wealthy, here are a few ways to get a loan to use as an investment."

FIRE Getters presents Our 7 Mutual Fund Investing Mistakes! posted at FIRE Finance, saying, "We would like to share some of our mistakes committed during our early years of investing. Hopefully many of our readers would be able to avoid them by leveraging on our experiences."

chica with issues presents A look at some investment strategies posted at One Snarky Chica with Issues, saying, "this post is more for newbie investors"

Raymond presents How To Choose The Best Online Discount Brokerage Firm - Part 1 of 2 posted at Money Blue Book, saying, "Advice on how to pick a discount broker"

Steve Alexander presents Examples Of Bad Magic Formula Stocks posted at MagicDiligence - Optimizing Joel Greenblatts Value Stock Investing Strategy, saying, "Poor choices under Joel Greenblatt's "Magic Formula" investing screen and why."

Adfecto presents Income for Life - What Are Your Chances? posted at Adfecto Abundantia - Aspire 2 Wealth, saying, "My post is about generating income for life from your investments. It covers how inflation and volatility eat into your market returns, and how a sustainable withdraw rate can be calculated."

Steve Faber presents - Disount Online Stock Brokers - A Comparison posted at DebtBlog, saying, "In the good, old days, you had to actually pay your broker to make trades for you. Technically you still do, but you pay them a whole lot less, and it's a heck of a lot easier. The rise of the online, discount broker has given millions a new level of control over their investments that could have scarcely been imagined by investors a generation ago. Here are some particulars on a few of the larges online discount brokers."

Will Fox presents Who can you trust with your money posted at Getting Back Into the Black, saying, "A few tips on when to listen and who to listen to when it comes to investing."

Martin Roth presents Green Stocks with Billionaire Sugar Daddies posted at Green Technology Investor, saying, "You don't become a billionaire by throwing away your money. Here are six cleantech stocks with prominent billionaires among their major investors."

ThePennySaved presents For the love of God, do not invest in forever stamps (top 5 reasons why not) posted at The Penny Saved, saying, "Lately there has been a lot of buzz about investing in the so-called forever stamp, and it's time to put an end to it."

Casey Markee presents Top 5 Ways to Spend that Pending 2008 Tax Rebate posted at CAPC Debt Management Blog, saying, "A recent AP survey shows that only 19% of taxpayers plan to actually spend their pending 2007 tax rebate. This article presents five unique ways (including personal investment) to spend your pending 2007 tax rebate to the benefit of yourself and the economy at the same time."

Sam presents How Day Traders Make Money. Day Trading ! Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends, saying, "How Day Traders make money. The ins and outs of day trading. Successful day trading is a difficult, but rewarding, financial career. If you can make it work for you, you’ll never have to punch a time clock again."

Babak presents Small Speculators Shunning The Long Side posted at Trader's Narrative, saying, "The most recent Commitments of Traders report covers the position of futures market participants as of last Tuesday (February 5th, 2008) and it shows that on aggregate, the small speculators are very pessimistic about the stock market."

Ryan Healy presents Three Rules for Option Trading posted at A.J. Brown's Options Trading Blog, saying, "There are very few "hard and fast" rules for trading options because the markets are so dynamic. But there are three rules that A.J. Brown follows religiously, and he shares them here."

General Real Estate

glblguy presents Making Money in Real Estate with Fixer-Uppers posted at Gather Little By Little.

Craig S. Higdon presents Create Personal Wealth Beyond Your Small Business, Part 1 posted at Investment Property Insider.

Craig S. Higdon presents Create Personal Wealth Beyond Your Small Business, Part 2 posted at Investment Property Insider.

Craig S. Higdon presents Create Personal Wealth Beyond Your Small Business, Part 3 posted at Investment Property Insider.

Mitch McDonald presents A Beginner's Guide To Retirement Homes posted at FYI

Tony John presents Tenant Quality Affects Property Value posted at

Jose DeJesus MD presents Jumbo Mortgage - Stimulus Package may Save You Money posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

That's it for this edition of CoSI. Thanks again for the great above submissions, and a huge and ever present thanks to our rapidly expanding base of loyal readers. And remember, if you’ve got something to say regarding real estate investing, general investing, business, entrepreneurship or small business management, get it written up and submit it today! We’re always looking for more article submissions. So get writing!! Thanks for reading, and see you back here soon!!

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