The Carnival of Real Estate #72 - New Year's Edition

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carnival.jpgWelcome, readers and writers, to and the 72nd Edition of the Carnival of Real Estate! We're proud to be hosting this Super Sized edition of the Carnival of Real Estate, and the very first of the new year. Due to the holidays, was tasked with hosting a two week version of the Carnival, so we received a TON of great submissions. In the spirit of manageability for you, the reader, however, we've narrowed them down to our 15 favorites, as well as our Pick of the Week. So, without further adieu, read on and enjoy the best articles submitted for the first edition of the Carnival of Real Estate in the new year. And, when you're done, take a second to look around our site and some of the great articles we've assembled on various topics of real estate and real estate investing. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!'s Pick of the Week

Dan Melson presents New Proposed Federal Reserve Rules: Is This Supposed to Be Helpful Regulation? posted at Searchlight Crusade. Dan takes a very in-depth look at the new proposed Federal Reserve Rules regarding the regulation of banks and mortgage companies and their lending practices. Dan addresses each and every point said to come of the proposed regulation, and highlights the postives/negatives of each. Dan's article is a must read for anyone involved in the real estate market, if nothing else other than to be knowledgeable of how it's changing going forward.

The Other Top Submissions

Kathie Goldsmith presents A lesson in the dangers of distressed property purchases… posted at Seattle's Rain City Real Estate Guide. Kathie presents an interesting look at a particular potential real estate deal, likely one that mirrors countless others throughout the nation, and points out various hidden concerns with it. This goes to illustrate why added care is required in vetting such potentially "great" deals -- in life, as especially in real estate, things usually aren't what they seem.

Scott Ficek presents Can’t Evict if Always Late on Rent! posted at Minnesota Investment Property Blog, illustrating a caveat for handling the eviction of tenants.

Jim Cronin presents What’s My Home Worth? CMAs vs. AVMs posted at Real Estate Tomato. This interesting article  breaks down the distinction between valuing real estate with the traditional Comparative Market Analysis and the newer Automated Valuation Model.

LAgend presents Confident Real Estate Decisions: Getting Rich in Real Estates posted at Confident Real Estate Decisions. This post makes a statement regarding the continued solid investment that real estate poses, despite the current real estate market.

Gerry Pugliese presents When Sellers Exit the Driver's Seat posted at TrueGotham. This post takes a very interesting look into what is happening in the real estate market now that sellers are no longer controlling the process, and buyers have more power and influence.

Nigel Swaby presents Don't Believe the Headlines - Believe the Numbers posted at Salt Lake Real Estate Blog. This post makes an interesting case regarding the difference between the hard numbers and how the media chooses to present and interpret those numbers.

Clifford Jacobson presents Agents In Real Estate 2.0. Will We Be Like Travel Agents, Accountants, Used Car Salesmen Or Lawyers? posted at Clifford Jacobson. This article takes a very interesting look into how the real estate agent profession has and will continue to change with the ever increasing presence of the internet in the average home buyer's search.

Dan Melson presents Real Estate and Mortgages: Back to Basics? posted at Searchlight Crusade, discussing the only way to really continuously prosper in the lending business.

Steve_Leung presents Empowering Yourself Through Your Credit Rating posted at, saying, "Your FICO score is the number makes-or-breaks your ability to buy a house and determines whether you get the best rates or get charged enormous fees. But, fortunately, you can directly affect the strength of your credit. Here's how."

Sara Bonert presents Top 9 Things Customers Don't Care About- From A Gen Y-er's Point Of View posted at Real Estate Blog. Sara presents a great commentary on what Generation Y-er's look for in realtors.

Sagar presents Top 50 Real Estate Marketing Bloggers posted at International Listings Blog. This page provides an excellent collection and ranking of 50 Real Estate Marketing Bloggers, replete with a description of their services. A great resource.

David Blockhus presents High Voltage Transmission Lines, Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF's) And How They Effect Real Estate Prices posted at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog, discussing the effect of high powered utilities on the saleability of immediately located real estate.

Spencer Rascoff presents 2007 - It’s a wrap posted at Zillow Blog. A look at the top ten real estate happenings of 2007.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How Much House Can You Afford? 10 Steps To Determine Your Home Buying Budget posted at The Digerati Life. An in-depth look into what needs to be evaluated when determining how much real estate one can afford.

Danilo Bogdnaovic presentsd Is a Real Estate Blog Protected by the First Amendment? posted at real/diaBlog - tomorrow's real estate trends. Although not an article directly on real estate, it's worth a definite read for every real estate blogger/writer/author. It details the relatively outrageous reaction a blogger received from a local government official.

That's it for this week's Carnival of Real Estate. Thanks for reading, and, if you have a second, drop Drew and the great people at Zillow a line and let them know you thought was the best Carnival host so far this year!  ;)   (and please do so before next week's host becomes the second host of the year, and provides us with some competition). Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!!

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finiker14 said:

thanks for the top 15 pick!! much appreciated.

voodootimber said:

thanks for hosting and thanks for the mention! I definitely agree boozwatt is the best host of 2008! ;)

Great job with the carnival this week!

Thank you very much for the top 15 pick. It's my first time and much appreciated.

Thanks for the pick! I was browsing around the site and thought your interview with a bank loss mitigator on short sales was a good primer for buyers:


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