Don't Be Fooled by Misrepresented Foreclosure Experts

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Last night I listened to a panel of real estate (investors) experts on television. They were discussing the residential foreclosure problems in this country and I was amazed at how, with the exception of one thing, little advise or help was given or touched upon for the distressed homeowner. Even the one thing that I thought could be of some encouragement when someone said to call your bank or lender and see if you can work something out. Although that is a true statement, the truth is that you need to know who to talk to; or better said: you should know who not to talk to.

Since I am in foreclosure myself, I can tell you first hand that getting through to the bank in the first place to even ask for the right person (not a loan officer or a bank collector), but someone in the Workout Department is a long shot in itself. I am assuming that it is because of a million homes (at time of this writing) and there aren't enough people to assist everyone.

If you have been reading any of my other article or been on my website, you might already know that I went through a foreclosure, and now I am in one again. So, for me, it is comical to read and hear some of the things out there. For example, those so called experts I mentioned were all investors (mostly commercial), and the whole hour discussion was on making money investing and getting good deals. And the things I find and read in the newspapers and, especially, on the internet are not only laughable, but right down stupid.

But then I want to cry, because of the poor lost homeowners who hear and read these things. The truth is that a lack of knowledge and wrong advice coming from every direction, just adds fuel to the Foreclosure Process that becomes more increasing turmoil.

Here is some straight talk: I have published my first foreclosure from beginning to end; so when I say I've gone through the foreclosure process, I verify that with court documents. Second, could I know what your personal circumstances are without communicating with you? (Most Misrepresented Experts seem to state your position as if everybody facing or are in foreclosure have the exact same problems and concerns.) What do you want to do or what can you do? (Only you can make that decision.)

Whatever you do, whatever you want, or whatever you decide is better acted on if you have an understanding of how it all works. The whole ball of wax, not bits and pieces here and there. In fact, after a homeowner is able to put things in perspective (not thinking like a lawyer), this foreclosure process becomes more like a game instead of an attack. And then that is when the homeowner takes control and is able and willing to do what is in the best interest for the family.
Here is the truth: the homeowner does not need to be taken advantage of with anyone. I am talking about bankers, lawyers, realtors, real estate investors, and scam artists. And if you arm yourself with knowledge in this particular area, then take control, it is possible to come out of this a better person. What does that mean? I think a better person is doing the best you can without sacrificing your values.

About the Author: Roger W King

There are Seven Critical Steps I learned that were paramount to understand while I stretched the foreclosure time in order to try and save my house. And after I understood the process and how the banker, banker's lawyer, realtors, real estate investors, and people who represent themselves as mediators (scam artists) think, I took control of the negative position I found myself and my family in and turned it around in becoming strong and positive, and I found more time within the foreclosure time deadline.

If you click on my website link below, I offer these Seven Critical Steps (Free) with email detailed follow-up explanations.

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