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Government tax foreclosure sales give you access to dozens of homes that have been foreclosed. When an abundance of foreclosure properties exist, such as the case at the present time, great deals can be found at reduced prices. Prices are reduced because there are so many foreclosed homes in the market now needing owners. Also, some of the properties may need a little "fixing up." These are the times to take advantage of tax foreclosed properties owned by the government because you end up getting so much more value for the price you pay.
One of the most important aspects of the American legal system - and a backbone of American commerce - is that the courts treat corporations much like separate persons. The government offers this opportunity as an incentive to those who want to participate in business endeavors and take full advantage of the special legal and financial perks extended to entrepreneurs and other business-minded citizens. Unfortunately, many conduct business but fail to understand the real purpose of incorporation. They think it is a way to feel more official, to secure a brand name, or to appease banks or investment partners. They miss what is perhaps the main goal of incorporation, namely to put distance between an individual and negative legal and financial consequences.

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