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privateinvestors.JPG Whether you have lots of money and great credit starting out, or no money and lousy credit starting out, either way, if you truly want to make a serious bid at building a property empire then you cannot discount the importance of learning how to find investor partners and equally how to find private lenders to help fund your real estate investing. As you go along in your real estate investing career, as long as you pay attention and get educated about real estate investing, you will find that the skill you possess in spotting value and valuable money-making opportunities in real estate will far, Far, FAR surpass your ability to get all the money you need to do all these many deals you come across- UNLESS...
appraisal.jpg As an Certified Appraiser I can tell you that the most common mistake that many beginning real estate investors make is that they pay too much for property. Fact is overpaying for property is often cited as the number one reason why so many newcomers fail to make it as profitable real estate investors. That’s because most beginning real estate investors are woefully under capitalized, and they don’t have the deep pockets that are needed to subsidize their overpriced real estate investments.
shortsalequestions.jpgOur Bradenton, Florida real estate market has seen a rise in foreclosures and short sales. A short sale occurs when a lender is willing to accept less than the loan balance in order to avoide taking the home back in foreclosure. Many investors work the pre-foreclosure market and have an interest in buying property by means of a short sale. A few days ago I sat in on a conference call with a bank Loss Mitigator who answered questions about SHORT SALES. He has worked 11 years in the Loss Mitigation Department for a major lender. The call was an opportunity for a group of investors to ask questions. Here's the questions and answers:
foreclosuretimeline.jpgThe most important issue in the entire foreclosure process is that of how long it will take from the first payment being missed to the eviction of the homeowners. It is also an issue that most foreclosure victims have no idea about, and spend more time worrying about than any other aspect. Without knowing if or when the process has started, when the sheriff sale will be conducted, and how long they have after the auction until they are removed from the property, homeowners feel they have little control over the situation. Having a firm idea of the time frame of the foreclosure process, though, will allow them to put together reasonable plans to stop it with the time they have available.

creditcard.jpgThere are obviously a countless number of ways to invest money these days, however one is so fascinating we decided to test it out here at It’s called credit card arbitrage. It involves utilizing funds garnered from no interest credit card offers, and investing the money in various traditional avenues. Here’s how it works....

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