Forex Trading Machine Review - Can You Really Make Money Using This System?

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Are you able to remain calm and unemotional and to look objectively at the criteria at hand when you are trading the currency exchange markets? If not, you may wish to look into Avi Frister's Forex Trading Machine system to help take the human error factor out of your trading pattern. Frister, who has been successfully trading for more than ten years now, has designed a forex trading strategy that uses only one major factor in its trading algorithm: that of price and where the price is headed.Actually, the name Frister chose for his strategy - Forex Trading Machine - is an apt description of the system itself, which is totally mechanical, meaning no interpretation, no confusion, no judgement, no tricks, and no vague chart formations. Combine that with principles which are easy to learn but extremely difficult to spot and interpret in real time, and you've got the essence of Frister's trading system.

In his 180+ page ebook, Avi Frister presents three different forex trading strategies based solely around a mechanical model of trading. The focus of his book is on strict entry and exit rules and looking only at Price Action. Since price is king in forex trading, you are more likely to be profitable trading currencies basing your buy and sell decisions on what price is doing rather than trying to interpret indicators which are mostly all lagging. This is not a system for the squeamish.

Of the three strategies for trading, the Cash Cow strategy is the most popular because it bases itself on the volatility of two major trading currencies: the U.S. Dollar and the Great Britain Pound. One reason why many like this trading strategy is because it only identifies three or four trading situations per month, which allows you the freedom to do other things besides looking at your computer screen all day.

If you have the time and enjoy day trading, then the Flip & Go strategy may be more to your liking. It shows you how to take advantage of a certain characteristic of the EUR/USD pair - the most liquid of all currency pairs. Large profit objectives and VERY small stop losses are the objectives of this trading strategy.

A mechanism that Avi created allows you to stay out of bad trades before you even know you are in a bad trade. Once 90% of traders realize the market has started moving in a certain direction, you will already be in the move and profiting from it. While most traders will struggle in choppy market days (and lose money in the process) Forex Flip & Go will keep you out of this pattern.

If there is one weakness in the strategies that Frister recommends, especially for those new to currency trading, it is in the non farm payroll strategy, which comes as a bonus with the program. Inexperienced traders would do well to gain some experience with this kind of trading opportunity before jumping in with both feet. If you know what you're doing, and what signs to look for, then this can be a profitable trade. But if you don't, the volatility inherent in such trades can dry up any profit you might have thought to have made.

To learn more about this forex trading system, you can read a further opinion at Review of the Forex Trading Machine.

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