Forex Raptor Vs Forex Killer

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Forex Raptor is a new automated trading software for the home based user. It enjoys the endorsement of leading Forex experts and has an impressive track record. It is interesting to see how this software compares to a more well know software such as the Forex Killer program.

What are the similarities and differences of these 2 softwares?

What do they do?

Forex Raptor can actually trade automatically for you without your active participation, or you can trade manually through it. Forex Killer is an advisory tool which means that it just tells you what to do and you need to make the transactions yourself.

Currency Pairs

Both these softwares can work in multiple currency pairs from around the world. Every major pair will work.


You can use both softwares from everywhere in the world

Ease of Use

Both of these softwares take a little time to get a handle on. Expect a week or two until you get them down perfect. Overall, they aren't too complicated.

Who are they for

Both Forex Raptor and ForexKiller are perfect for new and medium traders. Veterans can also find them useful as a supporting tool.


Forex Raptor can work with any MT4 broker. Forex Killer will work with any trading platform.

How Much money can you make

The potential is impressive with both of these softwares, but it is truly up to you, how much you trade, how well you follow what the program tells you, and other factors.

Track record

Forex Killer has a longer track record than ForexRaptor. It's just been around longer.

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John Drummond works from home. He writes often on business, trading, and finances.To read John Drummond's review of Forex Raptor, click here: ForexRaptor Reviews.

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