5 Tips on How to Become Wealthy Trading Forex

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Let 's look at 5 things to avoid if you want to make consistent money with Forex.

Let's start with 5 common errors you should avoid.

1. Stay away from day trading the market. With all the volatility and numerous outside influences, it is a losing proposition to get involved in day trading.

2. Avoid guess work. Trying to predict what is going to happen on the Forex market is difficult at best. The trader that falls into this trap will eventually come back to bite you because trading currency simply cannot be guessed.

3. Don't trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Trading with money that should be allocated on your personal budget elsewhere is plain unsmart. Traders do dumb things when they panic and trading with money you really don't have causes panic.

4. Do not try to buy a currency low and sell it high. This may work in the equity market but with currency trading it is not the way to go. It translates into having to predict again where highs or lows will form.

The truth is many major market moves begin from new market highs not lows. The best way to do it is buying the breaks as the chances are more in your corner and you often see large trends come up if, the breakout is from a genuine resistance level.

5. Do not trade without help. You should start off trading Forex with a practice account.

Most importantly, get a really good, reliable software program that is tested and has proven results.

Author Section: Bob Noni

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