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Day trading refers to trading, i.e., buying and selling the stocks within the same trading day in such a way that all trading positions are generally completed before the close of the market on the trading day. Day trading is opposite to after-hours trading which allows the investors to buy and sell shares and keep them for longer periods. Earlier, the day trading was done exclusively by the large financial companies, banks and professional investors. Of late, it has gained acceptance from the casual investors due to the advancement of trading technologies, changes in legislation and the advent of the computers and the internet.

Are you able to remain calm and unemotional and to look objectively at the criteria at hand when you are trading the currency exchange markets? If not, you may wish to look into Avi Frister's Forex Trading Machine system to help take the human error factor out of your trading pattern. Frister, who has been successfully trading for more than ten years now, has designed a forex trading strategy that uses only one major factor in its trading algorithm: that of price and where the price is headed.Actually, the name Frister chose for his strategy - Forex Trading Machine - is an apt description of the system itself, which is totally mechanical, meaning no interpretation, no confusion, no judgement, no tricks, and no vague chart formations. Combine that with principles which are easy to learn but extremely difficult to spot and interpret in real time, and you've got the essence of Frister's trading system.

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